• It is the study of the embryo by sonography. It was not possible to study the live embryo anatomy in detail till the advent of the high resolution 4D transvaginal sonography. Though on 2D transvaginal sonography the way we used to see the embryo was mostly only looking at the heart beat and measuring the increase in its length. Though appearance of limb buds could be noticed.
  • Now with the 4D USG, not only the external development of the embryo can be studied, but we can also study the early spinal cord and the brain and the heart development. You can also see the toes and the fingers.
  • What is very striking is the similarity of the actual embryological specimens to the 3D pictures of the embryo!
  • This makes diagnosis of all the embryological abnormalities very early.
5-weeks - Sonoembryology
5 Weeks
7-weeks - Sonoembryology
7 Weeks
9-weeks - Sonoembryology
9 Weeks
11-weeks - Somoembryology
11 Weeks
13 Weeks

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