• For dense breasts
  • Early diagnosis of malignancies

Such large lesions are not difficult to diagnose on xray mammography or routine sonography and are usually palpable also.

Early diagnosis of malignancies
Early diagnosis of malignancies

It is actually for those small lesions which are not palpable, which are not detectable on x ray mammography where 4D sonomammography plays a major role in diagnosis because of its excellent image quality and ability to visualize the lesionsin all three perpendicular planes at a time.

  • Breast malignancy – 3 planes, all sections, coronal plane.
Breast malignancy
Breast malignancy
  • The typical star like pattern seen in the third image is characteristic of malignancy.
Irregular Margins
  • More over the lesion can be cut to its depth for more detailed studies. Can also be cut across to see the internal structure and can be cut into thin sections to see microcalcifications, margins and vascular pattern.
  • Small lesions in the ducts which cause bleeding or secretions from the nipple are almost impossible to be diagnosed by x ray mammography, unless some invasive procedure like ductogram is done, where as 4D sonomammography very clearly diagnoses and localizes the lesion.
Sonomammography Ductogram
Sonomammography Ductogram

Advantages of Sonomammography over X-Ray mammography

  • Sensitivity in carcinoma upto 95%
  • Differentiation between solid and cystic lesions
  • Dense breasts
  • Painful breasts
  • Pregnancies
  • Massive lesions
  • Severe physical disability
  • USG guided biopsies – small deep lesions

Niche Mode

  • It gives a virtual tour of the whole lesion, scrolling through the entire extent with display of all three planes.
Virtual tour of a lesion
Virtual tour of a lesion
  • Details of vessel branching pattern which is the key point for diagnosis if malignancy.
Vessel Branching
Vessel Branching

So that makes it an excellent tool for very early diagnosis of malignancy especially in breast, but grossly in any

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